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There is a wide range of activities at Ormond Nursing & Care Center in which residents and families can participate. Families are welcome and encouraged to visit our facility and participate in social activities with their loved ones. Residents enjoy scheduled activities daily and religious services each weekend. Family and volunteers are always welcome. Here are some examples of the activities: musical entertainment, movies, exercise, table games, pet therapy, spelling bees, trivia, family bingo, mobile library, and arts & crafts.

Please download our activities calendar for exact dates and times. Highlights are included below for your convenience.

May 2020: Calendar | Dementia Unit


May 1
10:00 – Coffee social

May 5
1:30 – Cinco de Mayo Party

May 7
2:00 – Music & Popcorn

May 9
10:00 – Love on a leash

May 12
2:30 – Residents Council Meeting

May 16
2:00 – Coffee Social

May 20
2:30 – Bingo

May 26
9:15 – Mass

May 28
1:30 – Residents Birthday Party

May 29
10:30 – Renewal Outreach Ministries

Activities are subject to change

Are you interested in volunteering? Please contact Activities Director Tiffany White at
985-764-1793 for more information.